Construction Of Water Pipeline From North Pine Dam To Dayboro

Good evening all,

Below the text of this e-mail, there is a link to an e-petition to State Parliament concerning my request for the construction of a water pipeline from North Pine Dam to Dayboro. Dayboro’s water supply comes from an aquifer (virtually, a well or bore) situated on the banks of the North Pine River, just to the south of our town. It’s an underground stream, and water is drawn from that stream to supply water to the town. When the level of the underground stream drops to a certain pre-determined point, the good folk of Dayboro go on water restrictions. At the moment, the only people who are restricted from tapping into this water supply are the water carriers. They have to drive to Samford or Petrie to fill their trucks to supply those of us who aren’t lucky enough to be on town mains. These poor beggars have to cough up with the extra cartage fees for carrying the water that extra distance (48 kilometres to Samford and 40 kilometres to Petrie return trip). This is extremely unfair, as most of the water stored in North Pine Dam came from the Dayboro catchment area in the first place.

When the town was flooded in 2011, water had to be transported into Dayboro from Samford and Petrie for about a fortnight, 24 hours a day, as the underground stream becomes too contaminated during floods and is then not fit for human consumption. This year, 2017, sees the 150th year of settlement. Dayboro is colloquially known as the “Town of Yesteryear” and I personally think it is high time SEQWater and UnityWater got off their collective backsides, constructed the water pipeline as requested and stopped treating us like a bunch of “back-woods hicks”.

If you agree, please sign the petition – and forward it to as many of your friends as possible to have them sign it as well.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Glenn Bell

Dayboro resident.