Christmas/New Year Closures 2016/17

Dining Out


Birches Café Restaurant              Closing Sunday 18th December Re-open Thurs 5th January 2017


Crown Hotel                                    Closed Christmas Day


Dayboro Bakery                             Closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day, Tuesday 27th (Public Holiday) & New Year’s Day


Dayboro Bowls Club                     No Friday night meals until mid January


Dayboro Café                                  Closed all public holidays


Grate Life Café                                Closing Friday 23rd December Re-open Thursday 5th January


Johnny’s Pizza Place                    Closed all public holidays


Mill Creek Café                                Closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day


Ocean View Winery                       Closing 4pm Christmas Eve, closed Christmas Day,

Closing 4pm New Year’s Eve, closed New Year’s Day


Pitstop Café                                     Closing Sunday 18th Re-open Tuesday 27th 10am-2pm,

Friday 30th Normal hours, Saturday 31st 8.30am-2pm, New Year’s Day 10am-2pm


Post & Rail Café-Bar-Restaurant  Open Christmas Day – bookings only, open all other days (normal hours)


Rendezvous at Dayboro              Closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day & New year’s Day


Terah’s Restaurant                        Closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day & Tuesday Public Holiday, New Year’s Day 9am-2pm

Shopping etc.


Bohemian De-’cor                          Closed Christmas Day only


Brockhurst Farm                            Closed from 19th to 30th December


Dayboro Butchery                         Closing 12 noon Christmas Eve  Re-open Wed 28th December.  Closing 12 noon New Year’s Eve Re-open Tuesday 3rd January


Dayboro Garage (Matilda)            Open 24th Dec 6am-6pm, 25th & 26th 7am-4pm 27th 7am-5pm then normal hours until 1st Jan 7am-5pm


Dayboro Information Centre       Closing 3pm 23rd December Re-open 3rd January 2017


Dayboro Lolly Lovers                   Closing 21st December Re-open in January 2017 under

                                                            new management


Dayboro Pharmacy                       Closed all public holidays


Dayboro Produce & Hardware   Closed all public holidays


Dayboro Shed Antiques               Closing Sat 24th December.  Re-open Wednesday 18th January 2017


Dayboro Swimming Pool             Closed Christmas Day


Dayboro Valley IGA                       Open 8am -12 Noon Christmas Day & 7am-7pm other public holidays


Dirty Hairy’s                                     Closing Sat 24th December Re-opening Monday 9th  January 2017


Entangle Living Art                        Closing 2pm Christmas Eve  Re-open New Year’s Day


Hay Cottage Arts & Crafts           Closed Christmas Day & Boxing Day


Horse & Co.                                     Closing Sat 24th December Re-open Wed 28th December

Closed New Year’s Day


Lyell Deer Sanctuary                     Closed from 22nd December – re-open 3rd January 2017


Shaneta Fashion Boutique         Closed all public holidays


Victoria Blue                                    Closing 4.30pm Friday 23rd December  Re-opening 9.30am Sat 21st January 2017




Dayboro Dental Clinic                   Closed all public holidays –Dentist on call for emergency


Dayboro Medical Centre              Closed from 12 noon Christmas Eve Re-open Tuesday

3rd January 2017


Dayboro Post Office                      Open Christmas Eve 9am-11am Re-open  Wed 28th to

Friday 30th December.  Closed Sat 31st December, Sunday 1st and Monday 2nd January  Re-open Tuesday 3rd January 2017.


Dayboro Veterinary Surgery       Closed from 11am Christmas Eve Re-open Tuesday 3rd January    Vet on call 24 hours a day– phone 3425 1544


Old Mill Animal Hospital                Closing 12 noon Christmas Eve  Re-open Tuesday 3rd  January 2017. Emergency No. – 0400 661 447


Merry Christmas to all from Dayboro Cottage Volunteers