Charles McGahey’s Garage c. 1934

Charles McGahey’s Garage c. 1934

In September 1934 Charles McGahey from Mt Mee purchased the garage in Williams Street, Dayboro where the Puma Service Station is now located.   It is on the site of the original Silverwood Store which was destroyed by fire on 26th May 1924.

The garage building had been built by Bob Stephens in the late 1920s to store the sawn timber from his sawmill which was located some distance behind this building.  Early in 1931 he dismantled his sawmill and relocated it to Chermside. 

It is believed George Warburton opened the garage although the date is unknown.  It is known that the garage was a going concern with the petrol pumps already in place when Charlie McGahey purchased it.   The building was quite small and an extension was added between the original building and the adjacent house.   A grocery store was set up in the extension for a short time.  His daughter Beth said that it was not a good move as people remained loyal to the other stores in the town. 

The Courier Mail of 19th May 1937 reported “…Mr. C. McGahey has completed additions to his garage in Williams Street…”

Charles McGahey sold the garage to Harold Dowling and the family moved to Scarborough in 1946.