Cenotaph unveiled 1920

Cenotaph unveiled 13th November 1920
Cenotaph unveiled 13th November 1920

The Brisbane Courier of 30th May 1917 reported:

“UPPER NORTH PINE – The Progress Association at a meeting on Saturday night decided to take steps to erect a monument in honour of the boys who have gone to the front.”

At a meeting of the Dayboro State School Committee on 12th February 1920 permission was given to Dayboro Progress Association to erect a Soldiers’ Monument on the school grounds subject to certain conditions.

The Brisbane Courier of Friday 19th November 1920 reported:

“DAYBORO – Memorial to Soldiers:  The Dayboro and District honour monument to soldiers who fought in the Great War was unveiled on Saturday afternoon by Mr. R.J. Warren M.L.A. in the presence of a large assemblage of residents.  The monument is erected in the State School grounds on an elevated site overlooking the town, stands about 14ft high and bears the names of 49 men, 15 of whom made the supreme sacrifice.”

 2020 will be centenary of the unveiling of the cenotaph which is now located in Roderick A. Cruice Park in Williams Street, Dayboro.