Historical Society

Terrors Creek (Hell Hole) State School 1909

​Little is known about the 34 children in this photograph, other than they are the older students at the school as another photograph was taken the same day showing the younger students with two student teachers. ​Arthur John Stapleton was the Head Teacher at Terrors Creek State School from 1907… Read more »

Dayboro Day Parade 2009 – Ken Gold

​Some years ago Ken Gold, author of the book The Boy from Samsonvale published in 2013, acquired Dave Pringle’s Chevrolet one tonner (believed to be a 1927 model).  It had sat under Dave Pringle’s house at Kobble Creek for many years and the white ants had eaten out the wooden spokes.  Ken faithfully… Read more »

Level Crossing Accident

​This collision between an open tourer car and the railmotor occurred sometime in the 1930s.  The railmotor came into service on 20th July 1931.  It is believed that this accident at the level crossing in Williams Street occurred sometime in the 1930s but we have not been able to verify that…. Read more »

Charles Thomas Williams Family Reunion – 28th February 2009

​Ten years ago on 28th February 2009 descendants of Charles Thomas Williams held a family reunion at Dayboro Memorial Showgrounds. ​Charles Thomas Williams and his neighbour William John McCracken were the first settlers at Mt Pleasant.  On 27th July 1874 Charles Thomas Williams selected the first of his properties in the area, being Portion… Read more »

Williams Street Pedestrian Crossing

​The new pedestrian crossing in Williams Street near the Butcher’s is not the first pedestrian crossing there has been in Williams Street.  Sometime in the 1980s  a pedestrian crossing was installed at the top end of Williams Street across from the Crown Hotel.   ​There has been various signage on that particular intersection… Read more »