Dayboro Café (originally Bluebird Café) 2000
Dayboro Café (originally Bluebird Café) 2000

The Bluebird Café was built for Mrs. Wilhelmina Louisa Heathwood (nee Riek) widow of Samuel Heathwood Jnr.  The property was purchased by Mrs. Heathwood on 1st January 1936.  It had previously been a tennis court attached to Laurel Guest house which was situated on the adjacent block.

 Courier Mail – 4 Feb 1937 “…The erection of a café for Mrs. S. Heathwood, a pioneer resident of King’s Scrub, has been commenced in William Street.”

The Bluebird Café opened at Easter (March) 1937.  Mrs. Heathwood’s daughter, Vera Dale, took over the running of the café in January 1944.  Another daughter, Mabel McKenzie and her husband Bill, took over the café in 1948. The property remained in the ownership of Mrs. Heathwood until 7th March 1956 when it was sold to Dorothy A. Mead.  For a number of years there was a petrol bowser in front of the café. 

 It has always remained a café although it has had a number of different names over the years.  It is presently known as Dayboro Café.  Our Society does not have a copy of any early photographs of this building.  Can anyone help?  This photograph was taken in 2000.  The petrol bowser was still in place at the time.