Dayboro Co-Operative Dairy Assn Ltd’s Truck c.1940s

At a meeting of shareholders of the Dayboro Co-operative Dairy Assn Ltd on 16th October 1951 it was decided that the milk normally distributed in Brisbane by the Co-op would be divided among three companies – United Vendors, Metro and Camford.  Dayboro usually handled 4000 gallons a day and had… Read more »

Dayboro QATB – New 1918 Ford Motor Vehicle

When the Terrors Creek Queensland Ambulance Transport Brigade (QATB) Sub-Centre opened in June 1916 the equipment consisted of a horse, sulky and a rubber-tyred litter.  A stretcher was made to fit on the sulky, enabling a patient to be transported to meet up with an ambulance car summoned from Brisbane,… Read more »

Mansfield Bros. Store c. early 1920s

Brothers Charles Arthur Mansfield and Walter George Mansfield took over the Silverwood Store in mid-1920 and had left by March 1922. The store was located on the site of present day Puma Service Station.  The 1921 Pugh’s Almanac records Walter George Mansfield of Mansfield Bros. as Postmaster, Dayboro, the post… Read more »

Train at Dayboro Station 1920s (ca)

The final stage of the railway from Enoggera to Dayboro, which became known as the “Dayboro Line”, was officially opened 100 years ago on 25th September 1920.  A public meeting of the settlers at Hamilton, Upper North Pine was held on 23rd September 1882 to discuss several proposed routes for… Read more »

William Henry Rohlf

The Queensland Police Gazette of 22nd September 1894 recorded quite a number of names of men who had been appointed Special Constables on 12th September 1894 because of the events that had arisen during the 1894 Shearers’ strike.  Quite a number of locals were amongst those appointed including George Heathwood,… Read more »