Dayboro between 1968 & 1971

This photograph was taken from Roderick Street looking across Cruice and McKenzie Streets towards the Dayboro Memorial Showgrounds where a Show is being held. The CWA Rooms were still on their original site in Delaney Road, now occupied by the Dayboro Dental Centre. The CWA Rooms were moved up the… Read more »

Dayboro-Brisbane Motor Service Booking Office – 1926

The Booking Office of the Dayboro-Brisbane Motor Service was located in front of the house that is now 18 McKenzie Street on the corner of McKenzie Street and Delaney Road. Delaney Road had not been constructed at the time this photograph was taken. It was just a track through the… Read more »

QATB Queen Competition 1958

In 1958 the Dayboro Ambulance Ladies Auxiliary organised a Queen Competition to raise funds for the Dayboro Ambulance Centre. It is believed this was the first of the Queen Competitions held since the 1930s. Young ladies were chosen to represent their local district or organisation, with the one raising the… Read more »

Can trucks and tanker at Dayboro Butter Factory

In January 1902, after the disastrous Federation drought, the Samson Vale Co-operative Butter Factory Company sold its business to Digby Frank Denham (who later became Premier of Queensland) and John Reid, two of the directors of the Silverwood Dairy Factory Company Limited. The Silverwood Company decided to build a new… Read more »

New Dayboro State School Opening

By 1916 the “Hellhole” school building which had been constructed in 1877, was badly in need of repairs and had also become overcrowded with an average attendance of 60 pupils. A move was made to re-site the school to a more central location but the Education Department was reluctant to… Read more »