1921 Dayboro School Children Ready For Home

On 25th June 1920 the new Dayboro State School was opened on its present site on “Heathwood’s Hill.”   Children from the one-teacher schools in the district then attended Dayboro State School to complete their final year or two of schooling, some of them riding their horses quite a long… Read more »

On the first Sunday of each month (except January), The Dayboro Market is held.  The first market was held on 5th November 2006 being originally named The Dayboro Craft and Mini Market and was run by the Dayboro District Progress Assoc Inc (DDPAI).  At that time, all moneys raised were… Read more »

Terrors Creek Township Queensland between 1913 & 1917

The reason for the date range between 1913 and 1917 is that the new two storied Crown Hotel built in 1913 can be seen in the photograph.  Carl Enchelmaier’s house can also be seen up on the top of the hill.  The words Terrors Creek Township Queensland are printed on… Read more »

Survey Plan – Samsonvale

On 12th June 1867 William Henry Day made application to lease Portion 1 Parish of Samsonvale, under the Sugar and Coffee Regulations of 1864 and 1866.   Portion 1 contained an area of 667 acres (269.9 hectares) and is the block on which the majority of Dayboro township is now… Read more »

Q.A.T.B. Queen Carnival

An inter-district Queen Competition was held in 1924 by the Dayboro Q.A.T.B. to raise funds to pay for their new Nash motor vehicle.  Three queens were chosen, one to represent each of the three districts of Dayboro, Lacey’s Creek and Mt. Pleasant.  Committees were appointed in each district, and worked… Read more »