Ernie Brunsden’s barber shop was in the old Bootmaker’s


     On the Electoral Rolls and Post Office Directories, barbers are recorded as hairdressers so it is not possible to distinguish between gents’ and ladies’ hairdressers.      

     In 1923, Eric Bernard (Rory) McGrory, a barber from Brisbane, used to visit Dayboro and cut hair in a room at the Crown Hotel.             

     The 1931/36 P.O. Directories list Alex Campbell, hairdresser, Dayboro. 

     From October 1935 to July 1938 Victor Charles Williams and his family lived at

Laurel Guest House in Williams Street.  He cut hair in a room at the Guest House.

     On 26th September 1938 James Percy Bell was granted a new Billiard Licence in

Main Street, Dayboro.  There was always a barber in the Billiard Saloon.  Jack

Aubrey was a barber in the Billiard Saloon from January 1940 until 1942.

     On 5th December 1938 William Ernest Brunsden was enrolled on the Pine Rivers

Electoral Roll.  He had a barber shop in Williams Street adjacent to the Presbyterian

Church in what was a bootmaker’s shop built abt. 1927.  Ernie Brunsden enlisted on

30th December 1941 and was discharged on 29th May 1946.  He returned to

Dayboro and conducted his barber shop until 1959 when the family left the district.

     Dirty Hairy’s Barber Saloon opened in 2014.