Aftermath of a cyclonic storm c. 1953/54

Aftermath of a cyclonic storm c. 1953/54 Damage to Bill Cruice’s house – 2 Hay Road Dayboro

Aftermath of a cyclonic storm c. 1953/54
Damage to Bill Cruice’s house – 2 Hay Road Dayboro

With the rain and wind that we have been having over the past few days it seemed opportune to check back on some of the storms over the years. This photograph was taken after a cyclonic storm badly damaged Bill Cruice’s farmhouse in Hay Road in January or February of 1953 or 1954. It could have been either year as severe storms occurred both years and it was not just one storm but recurring storms.
22 Jan 1953 Brisbane Telegraph: “DAYBORO: A cyclonic blow unroofed houses at Laceys Creek, Mount Pleasant and King’s Scrub, and snapped foot thick gum trees at Ocean View on a mile-long trail 100 yards wide.”
16 Feb 1953 Brisbane Telegraph: “…A report from Dayboro, 20 miles north of Brisbane, says that furniture was removed from business houses in the main street this afternoon when flood waters covered the street.
The town has been deluged by more than six inches of rain in less than 24 hours.
The water in the main street was over the concrete kerbing of the new Terrors Creek Bridge at Dayboro…”
17 Feb 1953 Courier Mail: “Tidal danger along Queensland Coast – Warn Gale, Floods …At Dayboro, 28 miles north of Brisbane, the postmaster, Mr. H. McLeod, said 614 points had fallen in 22 hours up to 1 pm yesterday.
The Pine River burst its banks half a mile from the town, and surged into low lying farming land.
The Pine River rose from 7ft 3in at 1 pm to 21ft 1in at 5.15 pm but the river was stationary last night…”
23 Feb 1953 Courier Mail: “Dayboro landslide – Twenty-seven miles north of Brisbane shopkeepers at Dayboro had to move all articles from bottom shelves of shops as Terrors Creek flood water poured into the town’s main street.
Late last night more than 700 tons of earth blocked the road three miles north of Dayboro. The landslide is not expected to be cleared until late tomorrow…”
23 January 1954 – Dayboro Times & Moreton Mail: “…Cr. Bill Bradley, during the course of a chat recently, said that a terrific storm swept over his property recently and, in his opinion, the wildest in his memory…”