1959 Laceys Creek School Open Day

1959 Laceys Creek School Open Day – Teacher Brian Versace

            The one-teacher Laceys Creek State School opened on 17th January 1898 and closed on 25th August 1963. During that time 338 pupils attended the school. 

            The first teacher was local lady Emily Catherine Page who taught until 31st October 1907 when she resigned to marry.  School enrolments reached a peak of 39 in 1930.

            The school had a total of 25 teachers over the years with local families “boarding the teacher”.  A number of female teachers married local men.  The last teacher was Brian Thomas Versace who transferred from Woocoo School on 20th April. 

            The school and grounds were sold to Dr. Tait who converted the building into a weekend residence.  It is still owned by members of the Tait family.